I am writing due to the heightened concerns of safety on campus following two Binghamton University student deaths within five weeks. We know that the campus police are working hard to make the campus a safer environment. In their press conferences, they seem to be very open to critics and suggestions for how could they have done better a job. I am impressed with how they handled the situation, but at the same time I believe that they could do better by:

1. Teaching free mandatory defense classes to students.

2. Providing, allowing or suggesting tactical or defensive devices to students that will not cause permanent harm, but are effective enough to prevent any danger.

3. Increasing presence of uniformed police within the campus and residential areas.

4. Necessitating keycard access to residential communities rather than key access.

5. Installing more [closed-circuit television] cameras. I was able to obtain information about the lack of cameras in most parking space areas.

Out of the suggestions above, it is most important that students be able to defend themselves. These kinds of life lessons are something students could use for the rest of their lives and the students will thank the administration if such steps are taken.

Queena Cassandra Patricio is a junior majoring in accounting.