I would like to respond briefly to the Pipe Dream article about Binghamton University’s data in the SUNY Diversity report. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions supports the University’s mission and vision to create a broadly diverse University community and has developed a variety of approaches that complement the University’s mission.

From 2006 to 2016, the student population has grown by 20 percent, and the number of underrepresented minority students has increased at a faster rate. During that period, we have also substantially expanded our recruiting efforts to reach more broadly into schools that may not have seen Binghamton recruiters in the past. We have focused attention on assuring the success of all students we recruit. Thanks to a campus-wide effort, Binghamton’s retention and graduation rates, including underrepresented minorities, are the highest in SUNY and significantly higher than the national average.

The conversation about diversity in college enrollment is complex, but important. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions recognizes the value of having a broadly diverse student body at Binghamton University that mirrors the diversity of the state overall and strives to attract a broad range of talented students. We also recognize that attracting students to Binghamton depends on the entire campus community’s participation and we look forward to increasing our partnerships across campus to attract a diverse and exceptional undergraduate population.

Krista Medionte-Phillips, director of undergraduate admissions for BU