This Binghamtonian requests Pipe Dream to call for a full investigation of the mayor’s office regarding re-writing sixteen local newspaper headlines and posting them in communications to the public to make the mayor look better. Re-writing history is wrong, it is fake news, it is dishonest, it is cheating, and the most scathing criticism of a politician is probably being compared to the character “Big Brother” in George Orwell’s 1984 where rewriting history meant that those who control the past control the present and those who control the present control the future. One must investigate fully when the Office of the Mayor puts untruths in the mouth of the local newspaper. Also, there is a lack of transparency by the Deputy Mayor whose responses appear show him covering up misdeeds he himself knew about. Please call for a full investigation because re-writing the past to give oneself a cushy future is completely wrong. The biggest problem is that a mayor who stresses his training and hands-on experience in communications and public relations did not notice this smoking gun in his office. This is hard to believe. The public has a right to know all about who fired it and under what circumstances.

-Jefferson Rose, Citizen of Binghamton