Since it’s still June and the school year just ended, the fall semester seems like ages away. However, when the summertime begins to progress into July, it tends to fly by quickly. Before we know it, it will be the end of August and move-in day will be right around the corner. For incoming freshmen and newly admitted students into Binghamton University, it will be a time of great transition.

For many new students, especially freshmen, it will likely be your first time living away from home. It may seem impossible to look after yourself after roughly 18 years of depending on your parents, you’ll get used to it quicker than you think. Utilize your resident assistants (RAs), as they will make your transition a lot easier by providing you with as much guidance as you need; if you don’t click with your specific RA, there are plenty of others that you can go to for advice. Things might feel uncomfortable at first, but patience is key. There are so many instances where freshmen want to transfer at first, but after some time, BU has become their home away from home. Also, your family is always just one call away.

Also, don’t worry about not getting along with a random roommate. Although this doesn’t happen to everyone, I had to change roommates during my first semester due to a bad experience, but it gets better. Just because someone is your roommate does not mean they have to be your best friend; while this may happen for some, chances are that you will find close friends in other places besides your dorm room.

Becoming an active member of the campus community also really helps for a smoother transition. It’s best not to jump into too many clubs and organizations at once because you must also find a balance between schoolwork and extracurricular activities. However, once you have found this balance, being involved on campus will create a much better college experience — just make sure you enjoy the clubs you participate in.

Be sure to take advantage of other resources that BU has to offer, such as academic advising and the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development located in the University Union. If you’re interested in education abroad, you should visit the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives in Old Champlain. Our campus fosters a friendly atmosphere, so don’t be afraid to just walk in.

To all new freshmen and transfer students, congratulations on your acceptance to BU. This is the beginning of an exciting time. The city of Binghamton may be a small area, but there are many opportunities here for everyone. There is no need to be shy — jump into as many activities as you would like, but be sure to set a reasonable pace. It is okay to be nervous, but if you pace yourself and approach your college experience with a positive attitude, BU will feel like home in no time.

Brad Calendrillo is a junior majoring in English.