I recently started seeing this guy and I’ve been having a great time. He’s sweet, smart and interested in what I have to say. We’ve hooked up a few times and it’s been pretty good, but we’re taking it slow. Except there’s one thing that I can’t quite get over: he wears tighty-whities.

I try not to judge people for what they wear, but this is just something I can’t wrap my mind around. The thought of him in the same underwear that little boys wear is really not sexy. Every time he takes his pants off, I imagine his mom doing his laundry and placing neatly folded piles of Hanes in his drawers.

How do I let him know my preferences in a way that won’t embarrass him?


There’s great irony in women spending hundreds of dollars on lingerie only to have their boyfriend give a meager thumbs-up. It’s because most guys simply don’t care, and are only interested in what’s going on underneath lace and frills. I encourage you to be like a guy, and pay no mind to his underwear. As long as you’re having fun after he takes them off, there shouldn’t be anything to concern yourself with.

I’m curious as to what spawned your loathing for this underwear. It seems it’s not the underwear that’s the problem as much as it is the scenarios of little boys wearing them. I understand you don’t find them sexy, but maybe your guy does.

Have you ever thought that he wears tighty-whities to impress you? Maybe it’s his version of a thong, and he finds them empowering? Also, thinking about his mom and his laundry habits right before you’re about to be intimate is not good for foreplay. Try to avoid those thoughts, and instead, think about his junk.

It’s perfectly acceptable to let him know his underwear make you uncomfortable. This will not only give him permission to walk around naked more, but it might encourage him to adopt a different form of undergarment. However, if the conversation doesn’t go the way you want, don’t end things for such a superficial reason, unless this affects your ability to become intimate with him. If not, try to think of a silver lining to his choice; they don’t call them “tighty” for no reason. I hope you have the intimacy you want and deserve.

Good luck,


I am struggling with one class required for my major. I’m a second-semester junior and this class is impossible. I feel that no matter how hard I study, I always do poorly. I want to withdraw from this class, but I don’t know if I can fit this requirement into my schedule next year and I would like to graduate on time. What should I do?


Dear Torn,

If it’s any consolation (which it’s probably not), your situation is not uncommon. I’m sure you’re doing all you can to keep up and improve your grades. The deadline to withdraw is Friday. Is your goal to do well or simply to pass and get the credit? If your goal is to do well, I would recommend dropping this class. If it really is impossible and your grades are already suffering, it’s doubtful you’ll be able to come back from them. However, if your GPA is sufficient enough to afford a C, it may not be a bad idea to stick it out, so you won’t have to dread it after this semester.

If you choose to drop the class however, try to see if they offer it over the summer or at another school. Talk to the department about alternatives to taking the class here next semester, or buckle up and get ready to overload. If you have to overload, see if you can take another one of your requirements over the summer. On the bright side, you may do well the second time around because you’ve already been exposed to the material. Most majors have one, two or even seven classes deemed “impossible.” It sucks, but at this point, getting your degree is all that matters.

Good luck,