99 days. That’s all that stands between now and the day seniors, in a sea of green robes, turn their tassels to the left side of their heads, leaving behind their undergraduate career at Binghamton University. For all of us Harpur-type seniors, the countdown’s entry into double digits means we’re one step closer to the unknown; to a life of uncertainty, food stamps and lots and lots of flannel shirts.

Commencement is a stark reality we must face, but instead of dwelling on the inevitable end to our college career, we came up with a few other countdowns for seniors — and everyone else —before we face the unfortunate task of graduating college.

Parade Day: 29 days
The mother of all spring semester events, Parade Day is the one day a year where Goldsteins, Gottliebs and Weintraubs get to be Irish too. And what better way to get into the spirit then by taking a day trip down to State Street to watch the city of Binghamton’s parade and tour a few bars along the way?

This is your last parade day as a BU student, seniors, so you’ll want to go out with a bang. But draw the line somewhere. After last year’s riot-police fiasco, SUNY Albany administrators purposely planned spring break to fall during the city’s St. Patrick’s Parade day, as to avoid student misconduct and “mayhem.” Don’t let something like that happen to us. Let your orange, white and green freak flags fly, but do it with a head on your shoulders — and red hair on top.

Election Day: 276 days
Granted, this is well after graduation, but it goes without saying that it’s an important event nonetheless. It seems that whoever scrapes his way out of the GOP fight won’t have enough juice in the tank for the general election, and we can expect four more years of the Big O.
Regardless, the journey to Nov. 6 should be an interesting ride.

Super Bowl XLVI: Two days
Don’t worry about leaving BU. Embrace the last Super Bowl you’ll watch in your heady youth. Have a party, go to a bar, eat some wings, drink some brewskies, play a few boxes and make that bet on what you think Madonna’s first song will be. If this kind of camaraderie isn’t enough, remember that for many, we’ve got a (relatively) hometown team competing this year in the Giants.
If you’re not a fan, someone you know is, and we guarantee you’ll want to share every Osi Umenyiora sack and Eli Manning touchdown with them. And if the Patriots prevail, it’s just another excuse to tap that keg — responsibly, of course.