To the undergraduate community at Binghamton University,

After months of discovering the limitations and capabilities of my position, and my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, I have reached a critical juncture.

It would not be fair to myself to continue to be the VPAA if I don’t tend to my own wellness. It’s also not fair to the student body. Right now, I need to discover new things in my life to find happiness. While I will continue to try to make a difference on campus I can’t commit the time, strength, and focus to be on the E-Board and the point person for all academic issues at the university. Therefore, effective immediately, I hereby resign my title as the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

I intend to continue as an SA Advocate and member of one of the Roadmap Renewal task forces, and will be around the office as much as needed to ensure a smooth transition.

I’m confident leadership is still in my future. But there are personal hurdles that must be addressed first, and cannot be addressed if I’m the VPAA right now. Once they are, I’ll be reaching for the real levers of power to make change, and anyone who wants to make our social structure equitable and sustainable is welcome to join me.

I wish the best for the incredible Executive Board of 2016-2017, and I’m quite confident in the convictions and capabilities of Nicholas, Kate, Raaga, Max, Jermel, and Sheeva to finish the semester strong and lead us through the challenges of the spring semester. I also recognize some of the many personal mentors who have helped guide me to this juncture and played a critical role in the development of not only my Vice Presidency but who I am: Mark Ochweri, Lenny Herrera, and David Hagerbaumer. They are role models and heroes.

Adam Wilkes

November 14th, 2016