The American Dream is dead. It died at 9:30 pm when Trump became the projected winner of the election, it died in June when he became the Republican nominee, and it died every time he verbally and physically assaulted women, uttered a racist, homophobic, or Islamophobic comment. The very fact that he has enough leverage in America to be winning the presidential election exemplifies everything that is wrong with America, our beautiful nation, our land of the free. We have gone back in time to before Martin Luther King Jr. fought so hard for the rights of African Americans, we have reversed the work done by Susan B. Anthony because if a woman cannot be valued enough to be in charge of decisions based on her body, why should she be able to utilize the right to vote. The land that was built on the very differences that made every human unique will be brought down by someone who villainizes these differences to the point beyond recognition. How can someone who doesn’t have respect for Americans be respected by the fearless leaders of other nations? How can someone who lacks so much political experience he can’t even fully answer questions about foreign policy be in charge of making foreign policy decisions? These questions, and so many more will only be answered with time and pain.

Rachel Zielinski

Binghamton University ‘18 B.A. Biology, Music Minor

Treasurer, Mu Phi Epsilon, Professional Music Fraternity

Treasurer, Newman Association

Assistant Musical Director, Harpur Harpeggios