It is just before 2 a.m. and Trump just won Pennsylvania which puts him 6 electoral votes away from the Presidency, which will surely come by the end of the election. Every statistical model I have come across still projects Clinton as winning the popular vote. That includes the “infallible” Nate Silver with his FiveThirtyEight model, Nate Cohn with his Upshot model at the New York Times and Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium.

America did not elect a Trump presidency, the Electoral College did. The blame lies with a system that allows the person with the most votes to lose.

If you are disappointed by this election and, like me, fear the next four years, do something about it. Make your voice heard. Contact your representatives, all of them. Talk to your congressmen, congresswomen and senators. Don’t joke about moving to Canada, get involved in fixing America.

We need to get rid of the Electoral College.

We need to stop gerrymandering.

We need to implement a ranked choice voting system. (Maine just did.)

We need to make voting an opt-out choice.

We need to Make America Great Again, because we surely are not now.

– Omair Shahid Bing ‘18

Major: Political Science