To whom it may concern:

On behalf of the Black Student Union and our constituents, this letter serves as an explanation and statement on our decision to boycott the Fall Concert as a result of its headliner, Fetty Wap. Following the announcement that Fetty Wap would be performing for our annual Fall concert, we received numerous complaints from students and organizations regarding welcoming a problematic performer to our campus. Organizations expressed concern about Fetty Wap’s history of domestic violence against women, specifically women of color.

In light of his actions, Fetty Wap’s problematic behavior warrants our collective protesting of this event. We hold firmly the ideals of respect, self-determination, and remaining diligent in the face of adversity. To provide further context to our sentiments, we implore the evidence of a video posted on November 1, 2015. The video was recorded after an interview in which the mother of Fetty’s youngest child reflected poorly on his character. The rapper responded by showing up to her home and threatening to use physical violence against her. Fetty Wap can be heard saying, “I’ll be back to f**k you up. Do another interview and I’m gonna get this whole block shot up.” Through the duration of the recorded encounter you can see that the woman is holding a kitchen knife to shield herself from a possible attack. This video is a prime example of Fetty Wap creating an unsafe space for women.

After receiving criticism for his behavior, Fetty Wap responded via social media by posting a video of himself laughing with the caption “silly as hell…chilling in my drop tho.” Not only are his actions reprehensible, but his lack of remorse is jarring. According to the Huffington Post, 18,000 women have been killed by men in domestic violent disputes since 2003. The culture of violence against women is exactly why individuals like Republican presidential nominee Donald J Trump can perpetuate violence against women publicly, and still be considered a viable presidential candidate.

We, as members of the Black Student Union, are in a constant struggle to uplift members of the Black community. In turn, we will not tolerate or support any individual who is in clear opposition of our overall goal, regardless of color, occupation, or social status. Fetty Wap’s celebrity by no means excuses him. We must take a stand in objection to this year’s Fall Concert.

We cannot condone domestic violence. Take a stance against violence imposed upon women and boycott the Fetty Wap concert.

“There’s strength in unity.”

Yours in Solidarity,

The Black Student Union