To the Binghamton Undergraduate Student Body,

During the past few days we have seen events unfold that will shape the dialogue surrounding higher education, and the lengths to which students will go in order to attain it, for many months to come. We, the Student Association at Binghamton University want to make it perfectly clear that we stand in solidarity with those who have faced racism, hatred and oppression in these events and in events past. We are writing to say to our fellow students at Mizzou, Yale University and Ithaca College, that you are not alone in the struggles that you face to expel racism from your community. However, for us as a campus to contribute in a positive and meaningful way to this ongoing dialogue, we must rise above the frustration, the tension and the politics surrounding this topic. We must move forward.

While this sentiment might not manifest itself in the form of protests or large demonstrations on our campus, it is our belief, that in order for change to truly take place, the entire student body must itself be willing to change. In order to move forward from these tumultuous times, we must look inward and examine ourselves. We must ask ourselves the hard questions that we have not asked ourselves enough, while at the same time continuing to support and lift up those who are struggling and protect those who need our protection.

There are two ties that bind each of us to one another. First, we are all striving to achieve higher learning and are moving toward attaining our degree. Second, and perhaps the most important, we are all Bearcats, and it is of the utmost importance that we reexamine what that means. What we, the Executive Board of the Student Association at Binghamton believes, is that this means that we must exemplify the qualities of virtue, compassion and understanding and embrace an eagerness to do better than those who have gone before us. It is our responsibility, as Bearcats, to work toward making this community something of which we can be proud. It is our responsibility, as Bearcats, to ensure that all students no matter their identity feel that they have a place in this space we all call home. Therefore, we urge all students, who are willing, not to attack administration and/or various campus leaders but instead to work together with us to build something new, something better.
Our responsibility goes far beyond the little time we spend at Binghamton University. As some may recall, Binghamton University’s motto is “From breadth through depth to perspective.” In the following weeks, we as students have a responsibility to think critically about the recent events that have occurred across college campuses in the United States, and to think how we can prevent the circumstances that happened elsewhere from happening at Binghamton University. We must stand in solidarity with our fellow classmates everywhere and we must assume a sense of urgency in assuring ourselves that we have done all we can to make Binghamton University all that it can be.

Respectfully Yours,
The Executive Board of the Student Association at Binghamton University
Dillon Schade, President
Zachary Vigliani, Executive Vice President
Katherine Tashman, Vice President for Finance
Amanda Baker, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Bernadette Machuca, Vice President for Programming
Ruslan Klafehn, Vice President for Multicultural Affairs
Sheeva Massoudi, Speaker of Congress