To the Editor:

The TAU Alumni Society, BU’s oldest fraternity and largest alumni affinity group, salutes Dr. Lee’s $1 million donation to the athletic department. Your article properly gives kudos as well to the Sanders and Koffman families for their previous generosity. Critically, all these gifts are outright donations that immediately benefit the athletic program and students at large.

Hundreds of TAU brothers have previously joined together to support athletics with almost $500,000 in gifts over two initiatives. The Events Center TAU Bearcat Clubroom; the Sports Complex TAU Press Box and TAU Scoreboard and the TAU Athletic Scholarship are all the result of what the brothers have accomplished in numbers versus individually.

TAU is currently in the midst of its third athletic initiative but, unfortunately, does not look to topple Dr. Lee from the top spot. We couldn’t be more pleased. Go Bearcats!

Larry B. Hollander ‘78
TAU Alumni Society
Chairman Emeritus