I am writing regarding the recent Pipe Dream article “Listen to Release: sign that lease” published on October 24th regarding off campus student housing, in which Chenango Place was one of the facilities mentioned.

I realize that the Pipe Dream is a highly influential paper, and while I appreciate Chenango Place being mentioned, I feel that one resident’s opinions are not reflective of our community – especially due to some of the grossly inaccurate statements. I do wish that you had interviewed us, or at least done very basic checking of your facts before publishing an article of this nature.

I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up some of the incorrect information that the article presented, and very much hope that you will share this with your readers.

Contrary to your article, Chenango Place has 4 entrances and 6 exits – one of which is directly across from the parking ramp, so residents need to spend very little time outside. Security is paramount for us here and we take it very seriously. There is always someone at the front desk and we have night time staff that is dedicated to keeping the building and its surrounding area completely safe. We also have video cameras throughout the interior and exterior of the building that are not only monitored, but recorded as well. Residents are aware that they can call the front desk at any time for an escort if, for some reason, they do not feel safe.

Our onsite café refers to the vending machines in the computer lounge, which are nearly identical to some other student housing cafés. We do have three retail spaces on the ground floor to rent out to businesses. One of which is will be housing a restaurant to open in the new year. We are also looking to add a coffee shop at one of these locations.

As far as amenities – our onsite gym is fully equipped, and is actually the largest of all the downtown student housing complexes. In addition, we have a large cinema room, top of the line private and group study lounges, a computer lounge with free printing, a game room equipped with pool, ping pong PS4 and XBOX, as well as free overflow laundry for our residents (in addition to the washer and dryer that each apartment has).

If your staff or readers would like to take a tour of Chenango Place to see our facility for themselves, or have any additional questions – please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jessica Mihal

General Manager, Chenango Place