Dear Sarah,

So I’ve liked one of my best guys friends for a while now. I want to tell him how I feel but I’m worried it will ruin our friendship. We are also in the same group of friends so that could get messy. Help a sista out please.


Confused and Friendzoned

Dear Confused and Friendzoned,

I would first like to say, “welcome to the club!” We are fearful, shy and worst of all, overly analytical. We vent to people and they respond, “What’s the worst that could happen?” We then debate if we want to laugh and walk away or sit them down and list every tiny thing that can go wrong.

Let me be honest. It takes a lot of energy and confidence to tell somebody your organic feelings. It can be scary and sometimes awkward — even if he feels the same way. But, it would be very dramatic to say it will ruin your friendship.

Clearly, you have a strong friendship with this mystery man if you have passionate feelings for him. Therefore, I say go for it! Being honest with yourself and with him provides the potential for him to become the Cory to your Topanga, or simply remain your go-to-guy. While it may be messy at first, a little bit of time and a few shots of confidence could always bring you back to the friendship you once had.