To Pipe Dream’s editorial board,

WHRW Binghamton would like to thank you for your support in your editorial “Play that Funky Music.” Our student and community members have always aimed to create quality programming for our listeners and it is encouraging to know that our peers have taken notice. Participating in a college radio station as extensive as ours takes dedication and we appreciate that a fellow media group on campus has publicly acknowledged that facet of our organization.

Both WHRW and Campus Activities had planned to start discussions about our broadcast being played in the Marketplace, but your editorial has encouraged both sides to start this dialogue sooner. We have talked with Jennifer Keegin, Associate Director of Campus Activities, about moving forward with this effort and appreciate her enthusiasm in pursuing our goal. She has been working hard to balance the opinions of both the students and administration: a task we understand to be highly demanding at times. We look forward to reaching an arrangement with her that will appease the majority of those who frequent the Marketplace.

WHRW will be doing our best to keep our listeners up to date with any news on this issue and we encourage them to keep an ear out about any expansion of our broadcast. We thank Pipe Dream for their continued support and hope that other media groups on campus will take example from their efforts in raising awareness for student run media organizations at Binghamton University.


WHRW E-Board