Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Madeline Gottlieb and Margaret-Rose Roazzi’s October 15 article, “peta2 Flunks Binghamton University’s Vegan Options.” peta2 reached out to Binghamton University’s Dining Services department no less than four times, over as many months, through e-mail and phone calls but received no reply. The final e-mail urged the school to fill out the survey to guarantee a mark that reflected all its options.

With no response from Dining Services, peta2 assessed the school’s vegan-food labeling and options based on public data available online and student feedback, which left much room for improvement. And as the newspaper editorial reiterated, a failing grade doesn’t mean there is nothing offered—it means that a school still has a long way to go toward being actually friendly to vegans on all parts of campus. In a day and age when vegan dining halls are the new norm, Binghamton should work with students to enhance its cruelty-free selections and bump its grade up for the future.

Current students can react to their schools’ grade with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” as well as by posting pictures and reviews of their experience dining on campus. To see how Binghamton stacks up and learn why so many people are going vegan to combat cruelty, students should visit


Kenneth Montville

College Campaign Coordinator