Dear Editor,

“Call Cuomo to reject fracking” is a rallying cry heard statewide from the voices of New York’s students. As a member of Binghamton’s NYPIRG chapter, I have made this appeal many times with fruitful results. Students across the campus and across the state know that fracking is a terrible idea for NY. That’s why I was disheartened to find out that Cuomo had snuck onto my very campus while I was still in my froggy pajamas, and by the time I was decent, he was half way to Cobbleskill! As an activist and future teacher, I fully understand the need for security measures for political VIPs. However, when the President of the United States visited, we received at least fair warning. NY is one of last states on the Marcellus Shale that has held out against fracking, and Cuomo is under immense pressure from both the oil companies and the local anti-fracking activists of NY. I would have liked the opportunity to tell him in person, alongside my fellow protesting classmates, to reject fracking. I know plenty of students would agree. When students at this University have placed over 1,000 calls to the Governor in earnest urging against fracking, the least his office can do is give us the time of day. For now, we will continue to busy his phone lines and fill his voicemail by calling 1-800-566-5020 and telling Cuomo to reject fracking!


Julie Quinn

Class of 2014