With Parade Day and the dignity we lost on State Street somewhere behind us, the most dreaded part of the semester stands in front of us: Midterm Season. Yes, break out the Adderall and the Tillman Lobby knock-off venti mocha lattes and pack your library bags for the next couple of all-nighters. Until your last dreaded econ test, Bartle is your new home. Although we all swear by our own studying techniques, there are a few library-goers everyone dreads to be next to. Here are a few of them:

The Wild Child — Everyone has a too-social butterfly in their inner circle and chances are — normally — you love them. They might even be your go-to going-out gal on those Wednesday nights everyone else spends in bed watching “American Idol.” No one, however, needs someone visiting them in the library telling them how lame they are for missing trivia this week or complaining about how no one is available to “chill.”

Let’s be honest, this person is most definitely an HDEV major and cruises through midterm week without so much as one mini mental breakdown. Good for him or her, but listen party animal, try to distract as hard as you want, but midterm week is reserved for Glenn G. Bartle only.

The Overachiever — The overachiever is probably your roommate or chemistry lab partner and the only thing that motivates you to get up and occupy the lib on Sunday mornings. Sure, it’s great to have a library buddy; you can share snacks and walk across the artic tundra that is the Binghamton campus together. This Dean’s list-er loves the library and as a result has a 4.0, which they’re not too modest to bring up.

When it all boils down, congrats on all the overachievement, but, c’mon, C’s get degrees and that’s all the normal student body needs to be reminded of during midterms. After all, no one wants to feel bad about themselves, especially during the week that values your self-worth on a 0-4.0 scale.

The Frat Rats — If you’ve ever stepped foot into the North Reading Room and weren’t blinded by the insane-asylum-white walls, you’ve noticed the array of Greek letters and the frat boys wearing them. Greek life has really turned around and made a better name for themselves lately, but that’s beside the point. The NRR is nothing short of a weird library pregame with everyone talking about what mixers they’re going to that weekend. Whether you hate Greek Life or are sporting your own set of letters, the NRR is the epitome of distraction and should be avoided at all costs.

Last Weekend’s Mistake — Hey, admit it or not, everyone has one or two, and the Pods are filled with everyone and their mothers running around trying to print out their 12-page midterm papers. More importantly, they’re nothing short of an embarrassing bomb from last Saturday night waiting to explode. Every printing line has potential to have the one person out of the 15,000 undergrads you don’t want to see. During this crucial week, it’s necessary to go without the awkward “Sorry I never texted…” conversation, because when it gets down to the wire, every second counts.

All in all, spring break is so close you can practically taste the Red Headed Sluts, with just a few tests between you and the sun you haven’t seen in about six months. No matter where you or your study partners fall in the long list of library misfits, happy studies, and to all a big curve!