Pipe Dream is having general interest meetings (GIMs) this Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in UUWB03. Here, some of our staff share why they decided to join Pipe Dream. We hope you decide to join our team!

Lia Richter, Copy Desk Chief

I joined Pipe Dream because I loved working in journalism in the past, so I wanted to have that experience in college. Joining Copy allowed me to develop my editing skills while working in a fun office environment with great people!

Allison Peteka, Assistant Copy Desk Chief

I joined Pipe Dream because I worked on a publication in high school and wanted to continue it in college. Joining Copy allowed me to learn new editing skills I can use in the future and still greatly participate in an issue without writing. I am so thankful for all the friends I have made here.

Asher Simonson, Video Editor

I originally joined Pipe Dream last semester to gain experience in my field, but what I actually found were people. People that want to be here, people that work together — people that make the act of creating fun. I joined to gain experiences, and with these people, I’m quite sure I will.

Jacob Knipes, News Editor

When I came to Binghamton University, I wanted the opportunity to try new experiences and broaden my skills. Pipe Dream was the perfect outlet for this desire, and it continues to be so as I near two years with the paper. If you want to learn about the world and about yourself, there isn’t a better student organization.

Hamza Khan, Editor-in-Chief

I always had an interest in journalism and wanted to try it out. After I picked up a newspaper with my story in it, I was hooked. It’s a lot of work putting a newspaper on the stands each week, but it’s rewarding to give students a voice.

Bella Daidone, Design Manager

I had spent a year and a half in college during COVID-19 restrictions and had grown bored of spending all of my time in my dorm. I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to not only join a club and make new friends but also gain valuable design experience. I never expected Pipe Dream to become such a large part of my life, but I love all the new friends I have made, the lessons I’ve learned and being able to deliver print news to the student body.

Michael Golann, Photo Editor

I joined Pipe Dream because I wanted to learn photography as a hobby. I’ve learned a lot and worked my way up to becoming an experienced photographer and the Photo Editor of Pipe Dream. I have also connected with the staff and made a second family here.

Sam Lillianthal, Arts & Culture Editor

I joined Pipe Dream because I always loved writing about topics I loved, ever since middle school when I skipped recess to write movie reviews. I love writing and sharing my work with everyone, which always sparks fun discussions.

Harry Karpen, Managing Editor

I first joined Pipe Dream because I wanted to practice my photography. During my time here, I was able to cover everything from concerts to festivals and museums. I went to events I never would have heard about otherwise. Pipe Dream allows me to leave my bubble and explore what BU has to offer.

Doris Turkel, Opinions Editor

I joined the Opinions section because I wanted a space to bring light to social and political issues I care about. Sharing news and content with students and community members is important to building and maintaining community. Working for a student paper has been a really special social and intellectual experience.