As Binghamton University welcomes first-year students in person this fall, there are sure to be many questions and doubts. From sophomores to seniors, Pipe Dream staff is here to give you our best advice for new students at BU. Hopefully, our experiences can guide yours. Best of luck to you all!

Ciara Lavin, Editor-in-Chief: “Be sure to truly enjoy and appreciate the fresh start you get in your freshman year! This is the perfect time to explore your interests, meet new people and try new things — even things you didn’t realize you would enjoy. Start off your time at BU with an open mind, and embrace this new freedom and the feeling that you don’t know what you’re doing yet.”

Sarah Teper, Managing Editor: “You can be anyone you want to be. This is a new beginning. You will find a group of people who love and accept you for exactly who you are.”

Riccardo Monico, News Editor: “Try new things! Don’t be afraid to get out there and escape your comfort zone. Pipe Dream has led me to some of my best friends and fondest memories, and I never would have gotten here without facing my fears and attending the GIM.”

Kaitlyn Liu, Opinions Editor: “Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and challenge those around you. Your professors and peers will thank you for it.”

Doris Turkel, Assistant Opinions Editor: “Take freshman year by storm — be ambitious and do not be scared to challenge yourself academically and socially. Join extracurriculars in anything that you are interested in, and take advantage of the resources as well as the extremely smart and friendly professors and students at BU.”

Lakhsmi Chatterjee, Arts & Culture Editor: “Embrace the highs and the lows of college. There are going to be moments where you’ll feel like everyone has their lives figured out except for you. Don’t let yourself stay in that mindset for too long. Remember that finding out who you are and making mistakes is what college life is all about. This is your time to discover and explore anything you want, so don’t let the possibility of failing stop you. It’s easier said than done, but embrace every hobby and interest you have no matter how silly it sounds. Just be a kind person throughout it all, and you’re good to go!”

Krishna Patel, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor: “The one thing I wish I knew as a freshman is that it’s OK to be alone. The first few weeks of freshman year, there is a lot of pressure to latch onto every person you meet and find your lifelong friends right away. The reality is that I spent a lot of freshman year alone. It takes time to make friends worth having, and not everyone is lucky enough to meet their best friends at orientation. If you give yourself time and space and stay true to yourself, the right people will find their way into your life. You won’t miss out on any college memories or experiences. In fact, you will be grateful that you gave yourself time to find the right people to share these four years with.”

Joe Tonetti, Sports Editor: “Focus your energy more on new experiences and branching out into new avenues. Finding your true direction in life and building connections is more important than sinking all your time into studying.”

Madelaine Hastings, Digital Editor: “Don’t buy into the great American myth that these are supposed to be the best years of your life. Try to approach everything, from your classes to your relationships to your weekend plans, with sincerity and an open mind and you’ll be fine. And don’t forget that you’re never alone; we’re all just trying to figure it out.”

Harry Karpen, Photo Editor: “Make sure you find something to do other than study. Having a hobby that’s outside of your major makes a huge difference. Freshman year is a great time to give your email to a bunch of clubs you never join, so actually go to some meetings!”

Gigi Mitchell, Fun Editor: “Always try to find time to catch up with family and friends and participate in as many on-campus events as you can, because you can find friends in unexpected places.”

Alvaro Gonzalez Reynaud, Design Manager: “Always turn in all your work even if it isn’t your best. If at some point you don’t, it might turn into a downward spiral, and your grades might take a hit.”

Hunter Seaver, Business Manager: “Adjusting to college can be a difficult task, but becomes easy pretty fast. Make sure to develop a good balance between school work and social life. Both are equally important!”

Alexis Yang, Copy Desk Chief: “Don’t be afraid to branch out. You have many rewarding experiences just waiting to be discovered.”