Who would have thought the class of 2020 would be finishing up our senior years at home, quarantined in a pandemic?

Definitely not me.

When I imagined my last semester of senior year, I expected it to include endless nights out, days at the Blake and many lasts that have now been taken away — my last wine tour, my last day on campus and my last goodbyes to friends.

Senior year is an emotional time, especially when it’s cut short. Although this wasn’t the way I or anyone wanted to end our final semester, this crazy situation has made me reflect on my college experience.

When I think back to freshman year, it seems so long ago. Am I even the same person I was back then? I vividly remember the anticipation of meeting my suitemates for the first time and walking to class an hour early so I wouldn’t get lost on campus, though I still get lost even today. I was so excited to meet new people and branch out that I joined a million clubs that I ended up dropping. Luckily, Pipe Dream wasn’t among them.

By my sophomore year, I had a better idea of what I was passionate about. I interned for the Asian Student Union, joined a sorority and continued with Pipe Dream, which are all organizations that hold a special place in my heart. Through these experiences, I was able to connect with my cultural identity, host one of the biggest showcases on campus, meet some of my best friends and become an assistant editor of a newspaper. If you told me during high school that I would be doing these things, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

After sophomore year I finally found my groove, and the rest was history. At BU I’ve found my people, lived with some of my closest friends and loved every second of my major. I took quirky classes that my friends couldn’t believe were legit, interviewed amazing people and even added a minor so I didn’t have to graduate early.

My college experience has been everything I hoped for and so much more. Although there were some challenges, I don’t regret any of it because these moments have made me who I am today. They say college is the best four years of your life, and based on my experience, that seems pretty accurate so far. There is no better time to take risks, so branch out and make a few bad decisions. Go out on a Tuesday, splurge on bottomless mimosas and plan that spring break trip. Cherish every moment you have in college, because who knows, a virus might spread and take it all away.

Gabby: I couldn’t have asked for a better Arts & Culture Editor. Thank you for being so laid-back and fun. Your energy and humor during long production nights were refreshing and definitely helped get me through the Pipe Dream scaries. I’ll always appreciate your love for rodents. Rats and culture forever.

Pat: It was so fun working with you this year. Your wit and enthusiasm for Airbud and wings made productions much more bearable. I don’t know anyone who is more deserving for Arts Editor next year. Good luck, I know you’ll do an amazing job.

Mackenzie and Alfi: Wow, who would have thought we’d still be living together when we first moved into Hinman College our freshman year. I’m so grateful we were randomly placed together and couldn’t imagine college without you two. Thanks for understanding my obsession with Jersey Shore, Thai Time and The Bachelor. Love you always.

Gina: My girl since day one — I’m so grateful to have had you by my side even before freshman year. Thank you for always being there for me whether it be venting, going out or studying. I’ll miss you so much.

Although I’ve been dreading the end of my college experience, I’m glad to have something that is so special. College can’t last forever, but I’ll always hold on to the friends and memories that I’ve made. Here’s to the next chapter.

Calendra Scahill is a senior majoring in English and an assistant arts & culture editor.