If you’re new to campus, welcome! If you’ve been here for a while, welcome back! And either way, welcome to a new year of Pipe Dream! I’m glad you’re here.

Pipe Dream is your student newspaper, and since 1946, we’ve reported on Binghamton University’s campus and the Binghamton community. Through the support of our readers, we’ve been here for as long as BU has existed, with the goal of providing accurate, objective coverage while telling as many of your stories as possible.

In short, we’re here to showcase your voices.

Every academic year, we make changes to help facilitate this mission, and this year is no different. In the paper you’re holding right now, you’ll notice articles from multiple sections have been placed on the front page — different people pick up Pipe Dream for different reasons. Throughout the coming months, you can expect to see other changes, including new features on our website and social media profiles aimed at audience engagement and interaction. We’ll also be working on expanding our content and producing it in a variety of ways, from podcasts and videos to photo stories and traditional articles.

But ultimately, the changes we make only count for so much. What really matters is you, because it’s impossible to amplify BU’s many voices and share campus stories without your help. We want to hear about your roommate who is writing and producing a play that tackles societal norms. We want know what you think about the candidates running to be district attorney in Broome County, and we welcome your thoughts about how campus policies and changes impact your lives.

Pipe Dream needs you to talk to us. We need you to take a stand about things you’re passionate about. And we need you to hold us accountable when we miss the mark. Above all, we need you to care — about your campus, your communities and those around you.

So this academic year, I encourage you to email me at with questions, concerns, letters and story tips. You can find guidelines on submitting letters printed in the Opinions Section at

You can also give me a call at 607-777-2244, visit our office in University Union West Room B03 or message me via Pipe Dream’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

However you’re most comfortable communicating, we’ll be here to listen — and we hope you’ll keep an eye out for us this semester.

Sasha Hupka is a senior majoring in English.