Max Samson/Art Director

Ugh. I can’t believe that I am sitting here writing my senior column moments before it’s due and I’ve had months to think about it. What a classic.

Going into college, I was never one of those people that “couldn’t wait to find themselves.” I knew who I was and I have always known who I wanted to be. I grew apart from friends I grew up with, came closer than ever before with some and met people I know I want to keep knowing for the rest of my life.

College for me was about finding the people you want to surround yourself with every day. The people that bring out the best in you, see you for who you are and are so fun you never want to be apart from them. I started off my university years at Florida State University where I was in a sorority and tried out a scene that wasn’t for me. Although there were moments I enjoyed it, there were many where I was wishing I was doing anything but that.

I came to Binghamton University in the spring of my sophomore year, had to live with five strangers and I was not thrilled. But two of them turned out to be my closest friends and by that same Tuesday I moved in, I was already feeling more at home than I ever did at FSU. I found everything I was looking for in a college only an hour and a half away from my house — with a great reputation. I have never looked back, except maybe at my favorite bar at FSU.

At Binghamton, I found a team that was there for me through it all, got to live with my other half (Maddie) and be an assistant editor of a student-run paper. I got to do some things I never thought I would get to do or even think about doing.

My college experience was everything I could ever ask for and more. I found a major that I was good at after semesters of trying to be a science nerd. I loved it even if it meant also getting an intense caffeine addiction and spending more time writing papers than sleeping. I worked hard and played harder, following one of my favorite mottos in life.

In my time here, I have learned some things:

The people that you have known for the least amount of time can become your best friends. Eat before you go out, trust me. Go to the postgame — you’ll have FOMO when you wake up. Go out!!! Study for that test during the day. Don’t take tequila shots at open bars, and if your heels hurt before you’re out the door, you better have someone give you a piggyback the rest of the night. And lastly, dance to “Juice” by Lizzo. Or listen to it if you haven’t yet. It’s the song and artist us women need in our lives.

My college experience was one that I am so grateful for. Never a dull moment, always keeping me on my toes and so much fun. It was the experience I always dreamed of having and I wish I had more of a touching story.

To all the people in Pipe Dream, I found friends that are so talented in all the fields they excel in, and I can’t believe I got to work alongside such a group of dedicated, hardworking people. All you guys will do great things, I’m sure of it.

Khaled. What would I have done without you to talk your ear off into the wee hours of the night and all your stories to crack me up? You’re a nutcase and I love it. Please don’t take any ribs or barbecue from strangers in the future — you worry me.

Gill, Oh my Gill with a G. I would not have survived this without you and I’m so glad we suffered through our internship class with each other. Roasting all of our lovely companions wouldn’t have been the same without you and thanks for understanding my attitude.

Amy, Pipe Dream clown, you’re one of the many reasons I didn’t lose my mind. I’ll miss you.

Katy and Gabby. Thanks for sharing the endless nights in the office with me, and you’ll both do amazing at your new jobs.

My boys in 866 + 1. Pano, all the punch, Aakash, all the love, Chris, all the craziness and listening to me rant about my job 24/7 and telling me it will all be fine, and it always was. Jon, for ripping White Claws open whenever I asked, Justin, filling in at champagne and shackles was heroic and Dimegs, for always letting me annoy you with anything and letting me convince you to hang out. I will miss us so much and my heart hurts to not see you idiots anymore. Love you 5ever. To my idiot, I’m always excited to say hi to you.

To Vic, thanks for being smart so that you can be my PT when you graduate. You’re fun as hell and I am so happy I met you.

Pat, Mo and Ray. I’m glad you noodleheads became some of my besties; I’m going to miss you so much. Gotta bool this summer for sure.

Jes. I’m so glad we came so close so fast and that you became my dance partner. I’ll miss you so much, and thanks for always going out with me when we needed to have a night.

My Maddie: If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where you were if we weren’t together, law school would be paid for. Can’t wait to continue the tradition. I love you forever.

My parents. The GOATs, especially Kim. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and my crazy ass wanting to up and leave to come back and harass you from a much closer proximity. You know how indecisive and crazy I can be and put up with it anyways, supporting me in any way possible, even making my life easier with my event planning. Kim, you know what’s up.

And although I write this senior column with my goodbyes, unfortunately, you’ll be seeing me at Tom’s next semester, so don’t cry too much. I love this place, I love my friends, I love Pipe Dream even when Gabby made me look at videos of worms and tortured me with Dobby. You guys rock.

Nikkolette Sather is a senior majoring in English. She is an assistant arts & culture editor.