Max Samson/Editorial Artist

Writing for the News section of Pipe Dream for the past four-ish years means that I have no idea how to write an opinion on anything.

It feels out of place to share my feelings, uncharacteristic even, and frankly, I don’t think I like it very much. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I still have no idea what I’m doing or how I feel about any aspect of my life. How can I share anything when I’m so uncertain about everything? Maybe it’s the Libra in me, but I’ve been indecisive my whole life. I don’t really have one favorite of anything. I have a lot of favorite movies and songs and shows, but please don’t ask me them because I will instantly forget every form of media I’ve ever consumed as I panic to find an answer.

When college came around, I thought that I was finally going to figure out what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be and what my favorite things were. This was not as easy of a task as the coming-of-age movies and TV shows had said it would be. I wanted my college career to be like Rory’s in “Gilmore Girls,” goddamn it. Instead, college just affirmed this feeling of uncertainty I had underwent for much of my life. It seemed that I was surrounded by even more people with really specific passions, something I could not relate to.

But for every person who knew exactly what they were doing, there were about eight other people who were in the same boat as me. And in a way, I think this uncertainty gave me a lot of different experiences. I joined a sorority, dedicated my time to the dying art that is print journalism and became a double-major because I couldn’t decide on one or the other. I also realized that I am certain of some things. I am certain that I hate fish, that I love obscure pop culture references and that I would do anything for a comedy bit.

My indecisiveness is the main reason I joined the News section in the first place. I didn’t have to come up with an idea myself or be creative, I just had to report the facts and I enjoyed every moment. I got to experience other people’s passions through writing. To everyone I interviewed and wrote about, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I loved every conversation.

My uncertainty and hodgepodge of interests also led me to meet all of the wonderful people that defined my college experience.

To Paulina, Gio and Michelle, thank you for being my family and supporting both my good and bad decisions. I probably peaked my sophomore year, and it’s mainly because of you guys. Paulina, you are my inspiration and I love you dearly.

Molly, thanks for driving me everywhere and always being down for anything. This year would have sucked without you.

To Hannah, I’m so honored to call you my friend and I’m going to miss our shenanigans.

To the ladies of 48 Court St., Rachel, Amy and Kat, thank you for the countless laughs, memories and nicknames. I love you all. Ana Maria, you are so dear to me I could cry, I love you.

Bridget, you were an extraordinary leader and I am grateful for the empathy, friendship and love you have given me.

Emily, I’m going to miss not being part of an extracurricular with you. From Midwood to Binghamton, I’ve loved growing up with you.

Maximillion Garamond, you’re my favorite ginger (sorry Jill and Lia) and jester. You make me a nicer person.

To my favorite News ladies: thank you for being so wonderful and accepting my silliness. Sasha, you are crazy good at everything you do and I know you will continue to do great things. Yuri, I’ve appreciated your insurmountable kindness and hilarious stories. Gill, thank you for your love and for joining in on my antics. I can’t wait to see how you will make me proud next.

Georgia and Noah, I miss you both dearly and the corners have been lonely without you two. Rachel, I’ve been the loudest one in the office the whole year and have missed our bits.

To Liz, I can’t believe I got through a year of college without you. I love you and thank you for being the only other person I know who likes “The First Wives Club.”

Ariel, you are my everything. Thank you for the past few years and for being my best friend.

To my mom, dad and brother, thank you for all the love. I feel very lucky to call you my family.

I appreciate all that college has taught me. I now have a solid understanding of Long Island geography, Judaism (being president of a Jewish sorority will do that) and empathy. While I usually find it difficult to decide on anything, I do know that I am thankful for my friends and family, and I am excited by the uncertainty of what’s next.

Amy Donovan is a senior double-majoring in political science and history. She has been an assistant news editor since fall 2017.