The following reports were provided by Investigator Robert Meddleton of Binghamton’s New York State University Police.

Fire safety

SATURDAY, Sept. 15, 2:01 p.m. — Officers responded to Bingham Hall of Newing College after employees conducting fire safety checks found drugs and drug paraphernalia in a dorm room. Upon arriving at the room, officers found a bong, two metal grinders, several baggies of marijuana and three vape pens with THC oil cartridges. The items were in plain sight from the entrance to the room. The residents of the room were not present, but officers confiscated the items and identified the suspects as two 19-year-old males. On Sept. 18, one suspect was located and placed under arrest. The suspect claimed responsibility for the THC oil cartridges and was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. The second suspect was also arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Both will appear in Vestal Town Court.

Running the light

SATURDAY, Sept. 15, 6:52 p.m. — An officer on patrol observed a black Hyundai fail to stop at a red light at the intersection of Glenn G. Bartle Drive and Route 434. The officer performed a traffic stop and approached the driver, a 25-year-old female. The female said she didn’t see the light change from yellow to red because she was focused on her navigation system. When the officer ran her driver’s license, he discovered it had been suspended because of unpaid traffic fines in New Jersey. The female was issued two tickets: one for failing to stop at the red light, and another for driving with a suspended license. She found a friend to drive her car home.

Threatened by phone

SATURDAY, Sept. 15, 8 p.m. — Several staff members at High Hopes Helpline contacted UPD after receiving multiple harassing phone calls from a male suspect. According to staff, the male, who sounded like he may be elderly, has called the helpline seven times. Each time the suspect calls, he hangs up or becomes irate when staff pick up the phone and ask how they can help him. The male usually claims to be a Binghamton University alumnus or graduate student, and has told staff to “fuck off,” called them explicit names and said the University is “pure evil.” The next time the male calls, officers advised the staff to inform the male that UPD is aware of the situation and ask him to stop contacting them. If the calls persist, officers told staff members to continue notifying police. The case is still under investigation.

Gone in a flash

MONDAY, Sept. 17, 3:01 p.m. — A 20-year-old male contacted UPD to report his camera, a black Sony camera with a 55 mm lens, had been stolen. According to the victim, he had gotten on an Off Campus College Transport bus on Sept. 14 around 7:05 p.m. and placed his backpack, which contained his camera, on the seat next to him. While on the bus, the victim fell asleep, but woke up and exited the bus at 8:14 p.m. The male noticed his camera gone a few minutes after the bus pulled away. The camera and lens are valued at $1,500. The case is still under investigation, and anybody with information about the missing camera and lens should contact UPD immediately.