The following accounts were provided by Investigator Robert Meddleton and Investigator Patrick Reilly of Binghamton’s New York State University Police.

Government employee

THURSDAY, Feb. 22, 11:23 a.m. — A 38-year-old male contacted UPD to report fraud. The male said he had received a call from someone who claimed to work for the Internal Revenue Service. The individual told the male there was an issue with his taxes and he needed to call back immediately. When the victim called the number provided, the individual asked the male for personal information, including his full name. According to the victim, the individual spoke with a foreign accent. The case remains under investigation.


THURSDAY, Feb. 22, 4:30 p.m. — Officers patrolling on Connector Road noticed a section of the pavement had buckled and appeared to be at risk of creating a sinkhole. They contacted Physical Facilities, who said it was actually a large pothole. According to Physical Facilities, they had attempted to fix the hole the day before, but weather conditions forced them to patch it rather than repair it entirely, and the patch they had put in came undone, creating an even larger pothole. The road was briefly closed to fix the problem.

Plowing away

FRIDAY, Feb. 23, 9:39 a.m. — A 59-year-old male Physical Facilities employee notified UPD of property damage caused while operating a plow truck. According to the male, he had been plowing snow through the parking garage near the Couper Administration Building. He said he didn’t realize the entrance arm for the garage was lowered, and ran into the arm, snapping it off. There was no damage to the plow truck, and UPD contacted Transportation and Parking Services to repair the gate.