Katherine Scott/Pipe Dream Photographer

Binghamton mayor Rich David secured a second term Tuesday, defeating Democratic challenger Tarik Abdelazim by nearly 18 percent of the vote. Votes for David totaled 5,134, while 3,572 were cast for Abdelazim, according to the Broome County Board of Elections.

Following the news, David addressed supporters at Terra Cotta on State Street on Tuesday night.

“When you’re first elected, you’re elected based on platform and potential,” he said. “When you’re re-elected, it’s validation of what you’ve done.”

Binghamton residents voted at 30 polling locations, including Tabernacle United Methodist Church on the corner of Main and Arthur streets. That’s where West Side resident Ty Whitbeck voted half an hour before the polls closed.

Whitbeck, 32, said he voted for Abdelazim after getting to know him over the past couple of years.

“He’s a whole-hearted individual,” Whitbeck said. “He works for the people.”

After the results came in when polls closed at 9 p.m., Abdelazim spoke at the Broome County Democratic Headquarters on Court Street. He said he was disappointed in the outcome, but proud of his team’s efforts.

“Our campaign brought together a diverse group of people and inspired people to believe in a positive message,” he said.

Abdelazim also said he’d be willing to work with David in the future.

“If the mayor is receptive, I’d be happy to collaborate on issues, because I care about this community,” Abdelazim said.

David’s second term starts Jan. 1, 2018.