Pipe Dream Archives Brian Favela, the former executive director of BU’s Transportation and Parking Services, used technology to find solutions for parking at BU. Before leaving the University in July, he implemented initiatives designed to make parking more accessible.

Those with a bachelor’s degree, a minimum of five years of management experience and a deep knowledge of parking may want to apply to be the new executive director of Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) at Binghamton University.

The position, currently listed as available on the University’s website, was left open after Brian Favela, former executive director of TAPS bid BU farewell in July.

After leaving the University, Favela began working as a regional manager for Republic Parking System in Houston, Texas, where he is currently employed. According to Meghan Schofield, assistant director of marketing for TAPS, Favela left the University voluntarily, for personal reasons completely unrelated to his job performance.

“He did outstanding work in his short time at the University,” Schofield wrote in an email. “We were disappointed that he wasn’t able to continue and he enjoyed the opportunity to work at Binghamton.”

Favela was hired at the beginning of the spring 2016 semester. Prior to working at BU, Favela served as the senior director of parking operations and transportation at the Texas Medical Center for almost four years. At the time Favela was hired, the University was facing growing student concern about parking on campus.

To address these issues, Favela made plans to utilize technology to make parking easier and more accessible for students. During his time as executive director, phone apps were developed to track buses and additional Zipcars were placed on campus. Furthermore, Favela helped create new carpooling incentives for students willing to offer others a ride. According to Cornelia Mead, assistant vice president for student affairs administration and auxiliaries, many of Favela’s initiatives are still in progress and will continue to be implemented over the course of the semester.

“We have implemented ‘license plate recognition’ and the sticker-free campus permit system,” Mead wrote in an email. “A new parking lot is under construction west of the Bartle Drive entry. We will have a new bike share program in place later this fall. We have increased campus shuttle service.”

Mead also added that TAPS was happy to see ride-sharing through Uber and Lyft come to the University, although she said TAPS could not take credit for it.

The search for Favela’s replacement is ongoing. According to the job listing, TAPS is looking for an individual with a broad knowledge of parking, transportation and transit systems operation who is experienced in setting strategic initiatives and vision for large organizations.

“The position was created to attract someone who could integrate parking and transportation strategies and planning,” Schofield wrote. “Our ideal candidate is someone with experience with both the transportation and parking industries, familiarity with institutional contexts and an understanding of transportation demand management principles.”

Until a candidate is hired, Mead is acting in the role of the executive director. She wrote that she has been assisted by the rest of the TAPS staff, as well as the Parking and Transportation Stakeholders Group, which provides community input and feedback for the TAPS office.

“We have very capable directors of Transportation and Parking, and very capable staff in both these areas,” Mead wrote. “In addition, the PTSG, with membership from faculty, staff, and students, continues to be active. Their involvement has impacted many of the improvements mentioned above, as well as pedestrian safety improvements on campus.”

The new executive director will have their own challenges to face; although Favela implemented many new initiatives, his replacement will need to continue planning for the transportation and parking needs of BU’s increasingly decentralized campus, especially in regard to the opening of the new School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Johnson City.

Favela did not immediately respond to Pipe Dream’s request for comment.