This year’s Spring Soiree is bringing a circus to campus.

Cirque du Soiree, the third-annual Spring Soiree, is named for the dramatic circus show Cirque du Soleil. The soiree, which is funded by both the Student Association and residential community governments, will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday in the Mandela Room and the Old Union Hall.

Elizabeth Robins, SA executive vice president, said they chose this year’s theme because it was fun and inviting.

“We wanted a theme that is really trippy with a lot of color and makes it fun to dress up,” Robins said.

David Zhou, social vice president for Dickinson Community, helped plan the event and said he’s looking forward to the many attractions.

“It will be an exciting night and a great alternative to going Downtown,” Zhou said. “It is a great deal for students because with only $3, you can enjoy food, live music, performances and dances with your friends.”

Both Robins and Zhou are confident that this year’s soiree will be better than past attempts.

Cirque de Soiree will feature an oxygen bar, which is an oxygen-enriched aromatherapy air station. Other attractions include circus arts, hula-hoopers and student group performances, according to Robins. There will also be a special free gift for the first 1,500 attendees.

Food will be provided by Burger Mondays and Sake-Tumi. Cupcakes will be provided by Wegmans.

“Part of the mission of Soiree is to support local Binghamton businesses and connect the students with the local community,” Robins said.

For the soiree, the Mandela Room will be transformed into a giant Cirque du Soleil-style dance party with music by Monir Bruckner, or “DJ Moses,” a freshman majoring in electrical engineering.

“I enjoy DJing a lot since I’ve always been big into music and I love showing people the best new tracks I can find,” Bruckner said. “I will play all kinds of music from House, electro, moombathon, a little dubstep, along with some hip hop and throwbacks since everyone enjoys those.”

Last year, approximately 1,800 students attended the soiree, making it the second-most popular SA event, behind Spring Fling. However, last year, only students who arrived early enough were able to eat.

Zhou said they worked hard this year to ensure that food would be distributed evenly.

“This year, we are going to write people off as they take food, so they can only come once,” Zhou said. “We will offer food at two different times, so people coming later will also have food. In addition, we spent $8,000 on food.”

Tickets, which are available in dining halls, the SA office and via, are $3 in advance or $5 at the door.