As finals begin, students are finding some creative ways to cope with stress.

“There are a lot of ways to de-stress but you have to have the right one for you,” said Michael Hacker, a freshman majoring in psychology and academic vice president of College-in-the-Woods’ Mohawk Hall.

For Hacker, physical activity has facilitated less stressful studying. He has found that his extracurricular involvement in golf, hall government and Hillel has also helped.

According to Hacker, Mohawk Hall held a Yoga and Relaxation event in the CIW commons Sunday. The program was an hour-long session of yoga and relaxation techniques taught by a yoga instructor from the city of Binghamton.

Matthew Stupak, an undeclared freshman on the E-Board of Mohawk, helped organize an event Wednesday, Dec. 8, called “Study S’more,” in which students could visit their lounge and study while having coffee, tea, s’mores and hot chocolate.

“Everyone is very stressed now and everyone needs to take a break, even if it is only for five minutes,” Stupak said.

Harry White, a senior majoring in political science, said he takes breaks by doing something he enjoys.

“Stress is about feeling overwhelmed,” he said. “The best way to cope is by giving yourself a break from whatever you’re doing to let your mind free up and wander for a bit.”

For others, like Caitlin Brennan, a sophomore majoring in accounting and a resident assistant in Newing College’s Bingham Hall, staying organized is the best way to be less stressed about the work pileup.

“It can be helpful to plan out what days you are studying what, what chapters you are studying and who can help you study, so you know you’re organized, and will be ready for your exam,” Brennan said.