FRIDAY, DEC. 3, 9:23 p.m. — Patrol responded to Newing College’s Delaware Hall for a report of a marijuana odor emanating from a specific room on the first floor, said Investigator Dennis P. Bush of Binghamton University’s New York State University Police. Officers knocked on the door, whereupon someone from within shouted for them to “come in.” They did so and immediately found a small glass pipe with what appeared to be marijuana residue on it in plain view on a countertop. An 18-year-old female student entered the room, and officers observed that she had “very glassy red eyes.” After initially denying having been smoking, she admitted to it and stated that she had done it alone. Officers searched her side of her room and found a small baggy containing a small amount of a green leafy substance. Since the student had no prior offenses, police confiscated and destroyed the items. The suspect has been referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

SATURDAY, DEC. 4, 12:33 a.m. — A 29-year-old male University employee reported broken glass on a door leading to the Anderson Center, Bush said. Patrol dispatched and observed the broken glass on a door at the walkway between the Fine Arts Building and the Anderson Center. The report stated that the employee had last seen the door the night before at the same time, and that it was not broken then. Looking at the glass, officers observed a visible footprint around the area where it was broken. Photos were taken, and emergency maintenance was called for the glass hazard. This case is pending investigation.

SATURDAY, DEC. 4, 2:30 p.m. — A female student living on campus reported harassment at the hands of a male who originally lived in another part of New York, but had moved to be closer to her, Bush said. Reportedly, the male suspect had wanted to become more than just friends with the female victim, but she did not. Bush said a “breakdown of communication” followed and that the male became “agitated and bitter” toward the female. Bush said the male also made negative comments toward both the female and her family. The victim did not wish for any action to be taken against the suspect, and only wished to report the case for documentation purposes.

SATURDAY, DEC. 4, 11:52 p.m. — Patrol was driving up the connector road behind Mountainview College when a 21-year-old male student flagged them down from a stopped vehicle, Bush said. He reported that four males had been standing by Mountainview College’s Cascade Hall when one threw a snowball at his car which made contact with the passenger’s side door. One officer remained to check for damage to the car while the others went to Cascade Hall in order to search for the suspects. They identified three of the four males involved, all 19-year-old males, but the fourth could not be found and the others would not indicate who else was involved. One of the suspects eventually admitted to having thrown the snowball, and all present were advised that this case would be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.