Matt Lugo, a senior majoring in psychology, was elected as the student representative to the Binghamton University Council Wednesday.

The BU Council is made up of 10 unpaid members, according to the BU Council website. Nine are appointed by the governor of New York, and the 10th, a student, is elected by his or her peers.

The BU Council consists of a body of professionals and one student from the Binghamton community, which makes recommendations for candidates for president of BU to the SUNY Board of Trustees, reviews budget requests, sets regulations for student conduct, titles buildings and grounds, handles student housing, and overlooks plans for improvement of the faculty, staff and physical plant.

The BU Student Association held the elections from noon to 6 p.m. in the Food Court of the New University Union for undergraduate students and in the Library Tower Lobby for graduate students.

Six candidates ran for the position. Lugo captured the most student votes, with 99 total votes between undergraduate and graduate voters. David Frey, a senior majoring in computer science, received the second most votes, 31, and Madeline Stolow, a senior majoring in biology, received the the third most votes, 28.

Just 188 students out of BU’s population of more than 14,000 turned out to vote.