Guardian Angel

THURSDAY, Dec. 3, 11:30 p.m. — An 18-year-old male said that his iPad Mini 2 was stolen from the University Union Marketplace, said Investigator Patrick Reilly of Binghamton’s New York State University Police. The victim said that he left the iPad on the counter of the Moghul Indian restaurant to charge. When he went to check on the iPad, it was missing. The victim contacted UPD and gave them the serial number and MAC address of the iPad. Later in the night, someone returned the iPad to the UPD station. The iPad was returned to the victim.

But Why…

FRIDAY, Dec. 4, 1:42 a.m. — Officers responded to the fifth floor of Seneca Hall in College-in-the-Woods for a noise complaint, Reilly said. Upon arrival, the officers did not hear any loud noises but they did notice that many of the doors on the floor had shaving cream and duct tape on them. Officers spoke with a 19-year-old male who had his door vandalized. The male said that he heard some people being loud around midnight but then they quieted down or left. The male was not aware that he was a victim of a prank. He said that he was unconcerned about the situation.

Balls Dropped

SATURDAY, Dec. 5, 4:24 p.m. — Officers were called by the University Union East manager because a group of four 18-year-old males reportedly broke in and stole a ping pong ball dispenser, Reilly said. The dispenser, which was described as being similar to a gumball machine, was taken from the billiards room in the Undergrounds. Officers spoke to a person playing table tennis who said that she saw the suspects. She said that the group of males, who were all wearing Santa hats and red shirts, came into the table tennis room and asked her if she had any extra ping pong balls and she said that she didn’t. They then left the room. They were later seen walking around on the lower level of the building clearly carrying the dispenser. They were seen going to Digman Hall in Dickinson Community so officers found out who used their key card to get into the building and eventually spoke with one of the suspects. He said that he accidentally dropped the dispenser and that a plastic piece broke off of it. The officers deduced that the piece was most likely broken off intentionally to gain access to the ping pong balls. The suspect was arrested for petit larceny and was given an appearance ticket returnable to Vestal town court.

Someone Report This Guy

SATURDAY, Dec. 5, 5:43 p.m. — Officers responded to a call they received about an assault in Lot Y1, Reilly said. When they arrived they saw the 52-year-old male victim with a laceration above his left eye with blood coming out of it. The victim said that he was a cab driver who was punched in the face over a fare dispute. He said that the unknown male suspect tried to pay for his fare with a $100 bill but the victim did not have change. The suspect got angry and argued with the victim. A third individual tried to intervene and paid for everyone in the cab’s fares. This did not calm the suspect down. The suspect then left the cab and punched the victim in the face. The suspect was described as being a male with a grey sweatshirt and a Santa hat on. The victim was taken to Wilson Hospital by Harpur’s Ferry where pictures were taken of his injuries. The case is still under investigation.