Up in Smoke

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 11, 1:02 p.m. — A 22-year-old male was the victim of larceny, said Investigator Patrick Reilly of Binghamton’s New York State University Police. The victim said that he left his MacBook Pro unattended in the music literature department of Glenn G. Bartle Library while he went for a smoke. When he returned, he noticed that the laptop and his backpack were gone. A description of the items was recorded. The victim chose to not pursue criminal prosecution.

Honesty is Key

MONDAY, Nov. 9, 6:11 p.m. — Officers responded to Science 1 to help unlock a door, Reilly said. A 50-year-old male professor who contacted UPD said that he never keeps his door locked so he was confused as to why it was locked. The officers unlocked the door and the professor went to enter his office and noticed that the inner door was being pushed shut by someone inside. The victim asked for help and the officers got the door open. They noticed that it was rigged with bungee cords to keep it shut. They saw a 20-year-old male inside the office and asked him why he was in there. He said that he was stealing items. He was arrested and transported to the UPD station. He was charged with burglary and petit larceny. The suspect was sent to Broome County Jail.

Kids these Days

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 11, 1:32 p.m. — UPD was contacted by Johnson City Police after they noticed two 16-year-old males leaving the future Pharmacy School building with two boxes, Reilly said. Officers caught up with the suspects and asked them why they were in the building. They said that they were looking for redeemable bottles so they could return them and get money. The suspects were taken to their parents and were told that the building is private property and that they are not allowed to enter it. They were allowed to keep the bottles that they took.

Puff and Pass

THURSDAY, Nov. 12, 6:14 a.m. — Officers were called to Old Rafuse Hall for reports of drug use, Reilly said. The officers responded to the hall and detected the odor of marijuana coming from one of the stairwells. They traced the smell to room 131 but the room was empty. The officers could not find any suspects in the building. The complaint was closed by investigation.