Just in time for the 6S

FRIDAY, Sept. 18, 4:42 p.m. — Officers responded to the East Gym for reports of larceny, said Investigator Robert Meddleton of Binghamton’s New York State University Police. A 21-year-old male said that he left his backpack in an unsecured locker and then went to work out. When he got back, he noticed that his iPhone 5 was missing from his backpack. No other property was stolen. The approximate cost of the phone is $400.

Locked and Loaded

SATURDAY, Sept. 19, 11:39 p.m. — Officers observed a taxi cab operating on Center Drive without its rooftop light illuminated, Meddleton said. The cab was pulled over as a result and the officers noticed that the cab was overfilled with passengers. The officers asked how many passengers were in the cab and the 46-year-old male driver responded that there were 10 — three more than the maximum occupancy of seven. The passengers were crammed along the inside walls of the cab and some were sitting on other passengers’ laps. They were asked to exit the vehicle and other taxis were called to take them to their destination. The driver was charged with having an overfilled taxi and was given an appearance ticket returnable to Vestal town court.

Johnsons in Johnson Hall

SATURDAY, Sept. 19, 2:54 p.m. — Officers responded to the sixth floor lounge in Johnson Hall in Dickinson Community due to a report of obscene language and pictures drawn on a white board, Meddleton said. Earlier in the day, a resident assistant went into the lounge to set up for a meeting and saw the vandalized board. The board contained drawings of penises and a five-pointed star along with the phrases “so you’re happy,” “happiness is a myth,” “the closest you’ll get to happiness is death” and “god is dead.” Residents of the floor were questioned, but results were inconclusive. The case is still under investigation.

Missing in Action

SATURDAY, Sept. 19, 5:52 p.m. — Officers responded to Hinman College’s Hughes Hall for a theft complaint, Meddleton said. Officers spoke with the 18-year-old male victim who said that he brought his MacBook Air in a backpack to a friend’s room in Johnson Hall the day before and then went to a house party. When he got back, the computer was missing. Later into the investigation, the victim realized that he brought the backpack to the house where the party was held. The backpack could not be found. The victim then realized that he left the backpack with the laptop in it against a wall in the Dickinson co-rec field.