Provided by Progressive

Stephanie Courtney, the actress who plays Flo, the mascot for Progressive Insurance, will speak at the Arts & Humanities commencement ceremony on May 17 at noon in the Events Center.

Courtney graduated from Binghamton University as an English major in 1992, and has since worked as an actress and improviser in “Mad Men,” “Tom Goes to the Mayor” and “2 Broke Girls,” and has played Flo since 2008. She’s also a member of The Groundlings, an influential improv and sketch comedy troupe based in Los Angeles, California.

At Binghamton, Courtney studied acting with under professor Tom Kremer and starred in “The Crucible” as Elizabeth Proctor.

“I was never tortured over whether I wanted to become an actor,” Courtney said in a press release. “There was never another option in my mind.”

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Courtney said the University helped kick off her career as an actress.

“It was a foregone conclusion that if I had the grades, I’d go to Binghamton University because it was a really good school and it was nearby,” she said.