The Student Culinary Council (SCC) and Sodexo representatives met in the Chenango Room Thursday evening to discuss adding culinary options and upcoming events in dining halls.

A big emphasis throughout the meeting was implementing healthy and vegetarian food options for students.

“The school is growing, which means there will be more vegans and vegetarians,” said Gina Kim, a senior majoring in integrative neuroscience.

There was also talk of collaboration between B-Healthy, a Binghamton University initiative aimed to promote a healthy culture on campus, and the Real Food Challenge, a national nonprofit aiming to shift 20 percent of campus food to local and sustainable foods.

Steven Molinari, residential dining coordinator of the SCC and senior majoring in political science, said he and his team are trying to implement healthy options all over campus.

“We’ve done a lot of things in the dining halls with our residential committees to make healthier options in the dining halls,” Molinari said. “We would like for B-Healthy to be something in our Marketplace. We’re trying to make healthier food options that are going to be served in the Marketplace more accessible to people in a central location on campus.”

Upcoming events discussed at the meeting were the implementation of breakfast for dinner at C4 on March 27 and April 24 and Sodexo-sponsored free ice cream sundaes for their student employees on April 14 as part of Student Employee Appreciation Week.

The Chefs Fair is also currently underway at all residential dining halls. Starting this week through next, chefs will be cooking against each other and students will vote for their favorite. The goal is to get student feedback to influence residential dining hall menus.

The winning meal for Mountainview dining hall was a sirloin steak with fried ravioli and blue cheese bacon. Students can buy “passports” for $5 that will get them three meals and a 5-ounce drink. Next Wednesday, the Chefs Fair will take place in C4, and the following day, College-in-the-Woods will host.

With the success of the Moghul restaurant in the marketplace, Jim Ruoff, the general manager of Binghamton Dining Services, said he has been approached by many local restaurants, including one that specializes in barbecue. However, Ruoff said he is skeptical of the popularity of a barbecue joint on campus.

“Would you buy a pulled pork sandwich everyday?” Ruoff asked everyone at the meeting.

While many at the meeting thought barbecue was not a great idea, Molinari said he would like more student feedback for topics like this.

“I thought Jim’s suggestion was very interesting,” Molinari said. “ Some of the people at the meeting felt like we don’t need it and I would like to know what other people think. I’d like to know if people agree with the people at the meeting.”