Franz Lino/Photo Editor Michael Castellucci, a sophomore majoring in industrial engineering, takes off his pants on the stage in the Old Union Hall as a model in “Real Men Wear Pink: All Male Fashion Show.” Pi Delta Psi and Chi Phi fraternities worked with sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma to host the fashion show, an event to combat breast cancer and break stereotypes late Thursday evening.

Greek organizations teamed up to fight breast cancer and break stereotypes at Thursday night’s “Real Men Wear Pink: All Male Fashion Show.”

Pi Delta Psi and Chi Phi fraternities worked with sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma in Old Union Hall to raise $800 toward treatment expenses for Fiorella Aller, a breast cancer survivor.

Fiona Aller was diagnosed with stage three papillary thyroid cancer in 2003 at the age of 23, and in 2014  with stage three of triple negative breast cancer. She is currently in  remission for both, and will be undergo further studies for a possible reoccurrence of thyroid cancer once she completes radiation treatments.

Along with performances by a cappella group Rhythm Method, members of the fraternities modeled a variety of looks for the cause, including BU spirit, causal and professional attire, and escorted women from Sigma Lambda Gamma down the runway.

Brandon Diaz, a sophomore majoring in economics and a model at the event, said the event was a fun way to work together for a good cause.

“The atmosphere of the show and energy of the audience was amazing,” Diaz said. “Coming together with the girls at the end was a perfect way to end the show too. It was like we had united together to support cancer awareness.”

Nelia Rodriguez, a senior majoring in environmental studies and secretary of Sigma Lambda Gamma, said they wanted to provide Aller with whatever help she needed.

“We chose her because she’s a friend of one of my sorority sisters,” Rodriguez said. “We just thought it would be a great thing to donate to an actual person as opposed to a foundation, so it goes directly to someone that needs it.”

Rodriguez said the novelty of the event served the larger purpose of breast cancer awareness.

“We want to get everyone involved,” Rodriguez said. “Also, having an all-men fashion show brings more awareness to men that they can get breast cancer as well.”

Before the show, there were educational games teaching about breast cancer, such as fake breasts where participants could feel for tumors.

Other games included a ball pit where participants popped balloons. Each round prompted a true or false question about breast cancer which if answered correctly, advanced them to the next round.

Will Costa, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering and president of Pi Delta Psi, said he was asked by Rodriguez to co-host the event and was happy to accept.

“The sisters of Sigma Lambda Gamma hope to turn this into an annual event,” Costa said. “I would gladly co-host with them again to help support more great causes.”

Olga Gonzalez, a sophomore majoring in sociology, said she was glad she went to the event.

“I thought it was good mix of funny and entertaining,” Gonzalez said. “It was all about awareness but wrapped up into a nice little funny show.”

Rodriguez said she thought the event was a good way to engage campus for a good cause.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had a Real Men Wear Pink all-male fashion show on campus,” Rodriguez said. “So why not make this a big deal and get everyone involved? Everyone was having fun, laughing, and knew that they were here for a cause.”




Correction: a previous version of this article incorrectly identified Aller as being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at age 20 and stage four metastatic papillary thyroid cancer. The article has been edited to reflect the correct information.