Franz Lino/Photo Editor

Nearly 150 students, faculty and staff gathered at Chabad at Binghamton University on Tuesday evening to pray for the five people who lost their lives in a terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday morning.

According to Rabbi Slonim of Chabad, the community gathered to show solidarity for everyone in Israel.

“It’s unfortunately been a rising of tensions over the last few months and weeks,” Slonim said. “We’re praying that god sends the people of Israel safety and security.”

Yael David, a junior majoring in Judaic studies, said that it is important for students to be aware of what happened.

“It’s hard to watch,” David said, “so the least we can do is take a few minutes of our time to remember those who passed.”

Ariel Arzt, a freshman majoring in integrative neuroscience, said the deaths reaffirmed her support for Israel.

“I’m honestly appalled by what happened, it’s so heartbreaking to see this going on,” she said. “No one should be murdered for their religion.”

Wednesday night at 5:30 pm, Hillel held a candlelight vigil on the Spine outside the University Union. David said Hillel is hoping this event will educate more students to the events that occurred Tuesday.

During the prayer, Rabbi Slonim emphasized the importance of standing together to show and express support for the Jewish community.

“Many of us feel like we want to be in Israel, and stand by our brothers’ and sisters’ side, so here we are gathering in prayer to support and strengthen each other,” Slonim said. “We as civilians here in Binghamton will try and add light and goodness to the world.”