On Monday evening, the Student Congress gathered in the Old University Union to go over the various aspects of the school’s government.

During the meeting, the Student Association (SA) E-Board discussed different issues faced by the organization, including Spring Fling fundraising and collaborations with other groups on and off campus.

SA President Alexander Liu, a senior majoring in philosophy, politics and law, spoke about a collaboration with the Graduate Student Organization, which is currently in the works as a means to bridge the gap between graduates and undergraduates.

“We want to start collaborating and building some relationship,” Liu said. “Especially while the graduate student population is continuing to grow, our first step is to put together a small lecture series next semester.”

Christopher Zamlout, the executive vice president of the SA and a senior majoring in philosophy, politics and law, discussed Project Santa, a toy drive for underprivileged families in the greater Binghamton community. The event will take place on Dec. 4, and he urged residential hall presidents to get involved and spread the word for the cause.

“What I want you guys to do is take that information and take it back to your communities,” Zamlout said. “You are aware of what Project Santa is and how we can get involved in it. I want to make sure that information gets articulated in your meetings and trickles down into the halls.”

Zamlout also brought up his collaboration with the dean of students on “Senior Week,” an opportunity for seniors to celebrate their last week at Binghamton with organized activities instead of just leaving after finals are over.

“Right now we as a University don’t really do much in terms of programs for our seniors,” Zamlout said. “I wanted to be able to give them a fun time right at the end of the semester.”

Stephanie Zagreda, the vice president for programming and a senior majoring in English, discussed the SA’s fundraising efforts and preparation for next semester’s Spring Fling.

“Spring Fling planning is beginning, the survey should be sent out before Thanksgiving,” Zagreda said. “The more responses we can get the better it is for everyone.”

Nayemai-Isis McIntosh Green, the SA’s vice president for multicultural affairs and a senior double-majoring in history and human development, discussed the multicultural resource center’s upcoming event “Global Fiesta.” The event will be held on Dec. 4, and is designed to showcase all the holidays from different cultures that take place during these months.

Other members of the Student Congress discussed qualifications for running for SA positions, voucher deadlines, off-campus safety initiatives and plans for talks with Residential Life about how early housing sign-ups have gone.

Steven Lazickas, chair of the student life and academics committee, discussed the Off-Campus Safety Initiative, a way for students to be able to move off campus and still have the resources that on-campus students have, such as the blue light system. However, it’s in the very preliminary stages, and he is still researching to see if a project can be started.