On Monday, the Student Congress held its second-to-last meeting of the semester.

As Executive Board members and elected representatives transitioned to the next academic year, they gave final reports for the semester.

At the beginning of the meeting the Congress confirmed the results of all runoff elections, including Tom Sheehan’s win over Ethan Shepherd in last Thursday’s runoff election for vice president for finance (VPF). The legitimacy of that runoff being held, though, will be decided by the Judicial Board in a hearing tomorrow.

After the original VPF election, accusations were made against Shepherd’s campaign that he unfairly influenced a voter by standing over her shoulder and telling her who to vote for, and the Planning, Research and Elections (PRE) committee voted to hold a runoff election between Shepherd and his opponent, Sheehan. The J-Board will decide whether the runoff was constitutional and warranted.

The longest part of Monday’s Congress meeting involved a debate over whether the 10 kilometer running club known as “10K” should have been rejected as a Student Association-chartered organization. The students looking to charter the club were enrolled in an SOM 10k class, and were attempting to have their professor be the adviser for the club.

Chris Zamlout, executive vice president (EVP)-elect and a junior majoring in politics, philosophy and law, said the club was rejected because it did not serve a different purpose than the running class.

“This is something that we sat down, we looked through their constitution and we talked to them,” he said during the debate. “This is a class without calling it a class, and I’m sorry, but that is not what we do with the SA.”

Near the end of the meeting, all non-representatives were instructed to leave while a private executive meeting was held with the elected Congress members.

Many outgoing E-Board member gave advice to members that were staying and told them to work hard for the student body they represented.

“What is the Student Association?” asked Samson Widerman, the outgoing executive vice president. “It’s whatever you make of it, because you are the students and this organization belongs to you.”