Arielle Biro, a sophomore majoring in biology, sings as part of the second annual Arts and Music Festival on Saturday afternoon. The event, which took place from 3-6 p.m., was open to all students and faculty and charged no admission fee.

Ranging from independent performers to musical groups on campus, Binghamton University students demonstrated their talents at Alpha Delta Phi Society’s second annual Arts and Music Festival.

Hosted Saturday in the Old Union Hall, the event took place from 3 to 6 p.m. and was open to anyone and nearly any kind of performance.

“We do a lot with the arts and music, so it just seemed something natural to us,” said Kelsey Krause, one of the organizers of the Alpha Delta Phi Arts and Music Festival.

There were 14 registered performers, and other students signed up to perform the day of the festival. Performances ranged from independent students to Mu Phi Epsilon, the professional music fraternity, the Binghamton University Gospel Choir and Hoop Troop.

“Our biggest purpose for the event is to showcase the diverse talents of the Binghamton student body and to create a literal stage for those who feel inclined to express themselves,” wrote Jesse Hickling, vice president of Alpha Delta Phi, in an email.

Kelly Mercer, a member of the Mu Phi Epsilon co-ed fraternity, played the cello beside her fellow fraternity members, who performed as a musical quartet.

“The arts are something that are really important in my life,” said Mercer, a sophomore double-majoring in music and psychology. “I think it’s cool they hosted this.”

Last year’s festival was sparsely attended, which some said was because of inclement weather. Hickling said the group was able to ramp up the festival from last year with a greater variety in performances.

“The largest difference between this year and last year was the involvement of other student organizations, such as Mu Phi Epsilon who put on wonderful performances, and other groups who tabled with us this year,” Hickling wrote. “I believe having the event at an inside location on campus (Old Union Hall) instead of outside as we did last year encouraged more people to stop in and stay for the show as well.”

Several members of Alpha Delta Phi Society said that the notion of establishing themselves on campus was their motivation for hosting the Arts and Music Festival. Hickling reflected on the success and progress her organization has seen and achieved at this point.

“I thought it came out so much better than expected. [Mu Phi Epsilon] put on some amazing performances, we had people reading poetry, and even rapping,” said Maria Uquillas, a member of Alpha Delta Phi and a sophomore double-majoring in political science and economics. “I would say it was pretty successful overall.”

Other performances included original songs, freestyle rap performances and slam poetry.