Yesterday evening, a battle broke out in the Old University Union. The winner was determined by his style and moves.

The Binghamton University Breakdance Squad (BUBS), which became a Student Association-chartered group last year, hosted its first-ever dance battle, “Fall Club Battle 2011,” from 8:30 to 10 p.m last night in Old University Union room 215.

The event was hosted by Brandon Jones, founder of BU’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Douglas Chin, a senior majoring in computer science, was the battle’s DJ.

The event consisted of the main dance battle and audience events such as musical chairs, as well as giveaways. Both spectators and competitors received free admission to the event.

A total of 20 breakers took to the floor, a combination of 13 students and seven local breakers. They competed in one-on-one battles, as well as three-way dances. The winners received awards of distinction for their breaking skills.

The competition was judged by BUBS President Steve Chiang, a senior double-majoring in anthropology and economics, Chris Kim, BUBS vice president and a senior majoring in chemistry, and Liz Brown, a senior double-majoring in biology and English and a member of the International Flag Dancers.

Chris Chang, a sophomore majoring in neuroscience, planned to enter the battle, but could not because of an injury. He said battles are light-hearted.

“It’s really energetic, and a lot of fun,” Chang said. “When you’re dancing, it doesn’t really feel like a competition, because it is so friendly.”

More than 40 people attended the event, not including dancers and judges. The high-energy crowd participated in the battle, clapping to the beat and joining the dance in between battles.

Sharif Khalil, a graduate student in the School of Management and a member of the audience, said he was excited to attend the event.

“I love watching all sorts of new things,” Khalil said. “The energy is amazing. I would definitely come to another battle.”

Juliette Joseph, a senior majoring in neuroscience, said that this was her first time at a dance battle.

“It’s really cool so far,” Joseph said. “I would come again in the future.”

Future breakdancing events are possible, according to Mike Sherwood, a Binghamton alumnus and one of the founders of BUBS.

“We’re talking right now about making it, at minimum, an annual event,” Sherwood said. “Our end goal would be to have one every semester.”

Bradley Alder, a senior majoring in biology and general manager and activities coordinator of BUBS, said he also hopes to participate in more battles.

“Hopefully after this jam, we will host an even larger battle by contacting other schools in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, raising money to fund for a venue and prize, and of course many students to be involved and interested,” Alder said. “You have more freedom to do anything you want after learning the basics of b-boying. It’s a form of expression and bringing out your personality with this type of dance.”