Scoreboard’s liquor license was revoked late Thursday evening.

Scoreboard is closing its doors for good, after its liquor license was revoked following serious liquor violations, but the owners are not going quietly, as statuses posted on the bar’s Facebook page allege that the actions taken against the bar were racially motivated and unjust.

Scoreboard’s license was revoked late Thursday evening, according to the Press & Sun-Bulletin, following the bar owner’s plea of “no contest” to a charge that 14 minors were found in the bar in early May.

“The establishment has been a continued problem over the past several months,” Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski told Press & Sun.

But on Friday, the Scoreboard Facebook page posted a status claiming the decision to close Scoreboard was racially motivated, citing New York State Liquor Authority violations by the Rathskeller Pub and Uncle Tony’s, who continue to operate on State Street, to show Scoreboard was treated unfairly.

“As our neighbors all around get away with serving minors we got persecuted despite the fact that we made all efforts to maintain and uphold the laws,” the Facebook post said. “Tony’s the Rat are part of the good ole boys on State St. with the mayor on their side kissing butt. Biggest difference between Scoreboard and these bars… The color of our clientele.”

The post, and a subsequent post on Saturday, continued to criticize Zikuski by name for calling Scoreboard a “problem,” and accused Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan of persecuting Scoreboard for its “diverse crowd.”

Andrew Block, the executive assistant to the mayor, sent an email to Pipe Dream dismissing Scoreboard’s claims that race played any factor in the revocation of the bar’s liquor license.

“The Scoreboard closed because the State Liquor Authority revoked the bar’s liquor license after its employees committed multiple legal violations,” Block wrote. “The case is very unfortunate all the way around, and it speaks for itself. The allegations of racial bias are not only unfounded, but also an insult to all those who have suffered racism and worked to eliminate it.”

The owners of Scoreboard could not be reached for comment.

The Rathskeller Pub, the establishment most berated in the Scoreboard Facebook post, is open again after suffering a litany of liquor violations in 2011 — including a citation after a bar owner ordered a DJ to announce “fire” to clear out underage patrons during a police raid.

However, the Rathskeller’s liquor license was suspended in March 2011, something Scoreboard’s post did not acknowledge.

A representative from SLA did not respond to Pipe Dream’s calls to inquire into the revocation of Scoreboard’s liquor license.