Binghamton University’s Student Association Programming Board held its fourth annual Frost Fest on Sunday.

Following a “Wintertime in New York City” theme, the Mandela Room, Old Union Hall and Tillman lobby were transformed into a winter wonderland. The festival featured an ice sculpture of the NYC skyline and notable street signs like 42nd Street and subway lines.

Students were given the opportunity to engage in winter-themed activities, provided by both the SAPB and over fifty student groups. Featured activities included a Build-a-Bear station where students created their own furry friends, a life-sized snow globe photo booth, temporary air-brushed tattoos and more.

Students even had the opportunity to have their caricatures by Binghamton alumnus John Edbongfed, class of 1997. The student groups provided opportunities to decorate holiday treats like cookies and gingerbread houses.

Free food was provided from a variety of local providers such as Nezuntos. Lupo’s offered their signature spiedies, while Jazzman’s provided holiday-themed cupcakes, breads and coffee.

Although there was not a Frost Fest concert like last year’s featuring rap artist Wiz Kalifa, a big-name star was not missed this year. Binghamton groups filled the void with special performances held on the Radio City Music Hall stage.

Entertainment was provided by the Binghamton Crosbys, Harpur Jazz Ensemble, Kaskeset and Steve Labreque’s Wild Ride, who added more cowbell to the day’s festivities.

In addition to the live performances, WHRW held their radio programs live from Frost Fest. Anthony DeGelorm, a.k.a. D.J. Lorm, a senior majoring in biochemistry, said he had a great time DJ’ing at Frost Fest.

“It’s actually more fun to DJ in front of a crowd, especially when you have the ballroom dance team jamming to the beats,” DeGelorm said. “Getting to see all of the positive energy that I put out to me is the most rewarding part.”

In addition to enjoying his on-location radio show, DeGelorm said he thought Frost Fest was awesome.

“I think it’s great that the University has events like this that help bring the students together and help to showcase a lot of the student groups we have,” DeGelorm said. “Plus all the free stuff is just wonderful.”

Many other Binghamton student groups also showed their skills off on the Radio City Stage. Binghamton Break Dancing, Binghamton Bhangra, Binghamton Ballroom Dance Association and the Hula Hooping Club were just a few of the many organizations to perform.

Anthony Aguiar, a senior majoring in integrative neuroscience, said he enjoyed this years Frost Fest.

“The hula hoop club was absolutely fantastic and awesome to watch they were my favorite part,” Aguiar said. “I got free food and did a build-a-bear and that was equally as awesome.”

Despite being close to finals, there was a great turnout, as student took advantage of the great free weekend fun.

Mallory Stein, a junior majoring in English, said Frost Fest was a good study break.

“Frost Fest was a great way for students to take some time off before finals and enjoy free food and activities,” Stein said.