THURSDAY, OCT. 18, 9:25 p.m. — A 24-year-old male reported to Binghamton’s New York State University Police that someone had damaged his car, according to Investigator Patrick Reilly. The victim parked his vehicle in Lot F-1, and when he returned he found white paint scuff marks on the roof of his car and the top of his trunk. No other cars in the lot were damaged and the case is still under investigation.

THURSDAY, OCT. 18, 9:59 p.m. — Officers on patrol were asked to file a report of harassment on the behalf of an 18-year-old female student in Hinman College’s Cleveland Hall, Reilly said. Someone tore the victim’s name-tag off her door, and after, replaced it with a note with the words “you will all die” written on it. Another note was left on the victim’s door with an “x” by her name and said, “dead girl.” The victim’s resident assistant asked University police to file a report, and the case is still under investigation.

FRIDAY, OCT. 19, 3:52 p.m. — A 19-year-old male student told University police that he lost his wallet in Hinman Dining Hall, Reilly said. The student was eating in the dining hall the previous day and left his backpack in the building. When he went back the next day, the staff told him the bag had been turned in, but when he searched it he found his wallet missing. The wallet had $100 and the victim’s debit cards inside. Officers questioned the dining hall staff who turned the bag in, but the case is still under investigation.

FRIDAY, OCT. 19, 11:34 p.m. — Officers on patrol pulled over a vehicle on Bartle Drive after the driver failed to stop for a stop sign and then did not use a turn signal, Reilly said. The officers approached the vehicle and asked the driver, a 21-year-old male student, for identification. When the suspect showed his license, the officers noticed another license in his wallet and asked for it. The suspect threw his wallet to the person in the passenger’s seat and then became resistant after the officers asked him to step out of the vehicle. When the officers told him to stop resisting, he said, “Go ahead, pepper spray me.” More officers were called and the suspect was forcibly removed from the vehicle. They were given his wallet and found a fictitious Connecticut license inside. The suspect was charged with two vehicle infractions, resisting arrest and possession of a forged instrument.

SATURDAY, OCT. 20, 5:01 p.m. — A 24-year-old female reported to police that after she had put her clothes in a laundry room dryer in College-in-the-Woods’ Mohawk Hall, someone had taken them, Reilly said. The victim had a bag in the laundry room which she would have used to carry her clothes in, and that was taken as well. The officers think that someone could have taken the victim’s clothes by mistake, as a similar bag was found in the room, but the case is still under investigation.