The education minor and the education club hosted “Ask Archer!” the final event of the semester, on Thursday.

The event featured David Archer, a lecturer in the department of teaching, learning and education leadership and the undergraduate minor coordinator, who participated in a question-and-answer session. Students engaged in a discussion with Archer about his life and perspectives, ranging from his personal experiences in the field to current events in education today. Attendees also learned about postgraduate opportunities, and how to earn a successful career in education.

Haley Corette, the president of the education club and a senior majoring in biology, said that the Education Minor Steering Committee — the student leaders of the minor — plans events designed to help interested students learn more about the field of education. Corette related Archer’s reputation at BU to the popularity of the event.

“’Ask Archer!’ is always a favorite event in the minor because [Archer] is a friendly face to everyone, [and] also because he has so much insight to offer,” Corette wrote in an email. “If he doesn’t know the answer, he’s got a buddy who does. It is always a treat to hear from him in any way, so lots of students like attending this event.”

Archer started off the discussion by stating that he became a teacher so that he could coach, then explaining that his love for coaching soon became a love for teaching. He launched the education minor in 2013 with students who wanted to be educators. Now, going into its 10th year, the sole student-run minor on campus consists of approximately 500 students.

Archer stated that the field of education is rapidly changing — for example, public school grading systems changing every four years. He said that prospective teachers must have adaptability, patience and energy to be successful, and that parents have been the biggest change in education over the past few years. Archer expressed worry about the divisions within the education system.

“The biggest piece of advice I give to those of you going into the field of education is to be flexible,” Archer said. “Sixty percent of the topics for my class have changed over the years.”

Archer provided information about the opportunities available to students graduating with an education minor. He described the process of how to obtain a teaching certificate and the process for applying to graduate school programs. Corette asserted that Archer’s impact on the education program is unmatched by any faculty member at BU.

Anna Kasmanoff, one of the event’s planners and a senior majoring in business administration, described Archer’s impact on students.

“It was a pleasure planning this event,” Kasmanoff said. “Archer is a very experienced educator and just being able to have a discussion with him, you learn so much about current events and his experiences.”

AJ Golebiowski, another organizer and a junior majoring in history, spoke about the event’s successful turnout.

“’Ask Archer!’ is always one of the most looked-forward-to events of the year,” Golebiowski said. “It’s really driven by the questions, and today there were a lot of great questions. I had a great time planning this event and enjoyed seeing a great turnout!”