The owners of Dos Rios Cantina and The Colonial have voted to close their businesses.

The decision comes after a months-long police investigation into allegations of sexual assault and druggings, that has so far resulted in the arrests of owners Yaron “Ron” Kweller, 41, Jordan Rindgen, 33, as well as Leor Kweller, 42, the brother of Yaron. The Kweller brothers were charged with third-degree rape, while Rindgen was charged with third- and fifth-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance. However, while Dos Rios Cantina and The Colonial are closing, a third restaurant under ownership of the three members, The Stone Fox, will remain open for the time being. All three owners have pleaded not guilty.

In a statement from Herald PR — the public relations agency representing Yaron Kweller — Juda Engelmayer, the president of the agency, said Yaron Kweller is maintaining full innocence and that he had voted in favor of the restaurants closing.

“Yaron Kweller, a current partner in the restaurants, was not directly involved in the operations since December,” Engelmayer wrote in an email. “At a partners meeting this week, he did vote in favor of shutting down the restaurants as it became clear they were no longer financially solvent and did not have funds to cover payroll. A capital contribution was made to make sure all employees were paid.”

The restaurants are located on Court Street in Downtown Binghamton, where had protesters gathered in December soon after allegations were made and the businesses closed for the first time.

Jackie Timm, a former employee at The Colonial and a senior majoring in human development, said she was happy to see the restaurants were closing.

“After all of the allegations came out back in December, they shut down which I was happy about,” Timm said. “When they reopened, I was appalled … It was sickening to even see people still spending money there. I think the best-case scenario, what they should’ve done is sold the business, get completely new owners and start over. You can’t recover from something as serious as that.”

A Facebook group titled “Binghamton Believes Survivors of Sexual Assault” has been active throughout the case. Quinn Singer, an administrator of the group, had made a post about the closings.

“Y’all — we made this happen,” Singer wrote. “You all made this happen. There are so few times that institutions are held accountable for the harm that they let happen within our communities.”

Adelaide Cagle, a senior majoring in biomedical engineering, said hearing about the accusations was unnerving.

“My friends and I used to eat there all the time,” Cagle wrote in an email. “It’s scary to think what could have been happening there after hours and it was really unsettling to see how many people continued to eat there after the news broke. I’m glad they’re closing finally, and I hope it’s a chance for other businesses in the community to gain some traction.”