A recent jump in an annual college ranking list presents a promising future for Binghamton University.

U.S. News & World Report released its 2022 best colleges rankings, where 1,466 institutions were compared and ranked in multiple categories based on 17 measures of academic quality. The paper uses vetted academic data from surveys and third-party sources to create its lists.

BU tied for 83rd place on the National Universities ranking this year against about 400 other higher education institutions. In Top Public Schools, BU tied for 33rd place, an improvement from last year’s report which listed the University at 41st place. BU is the highest-ranking SUNY school in both categories.

The University tied with Michigan State University in Top Public Schools and the University of Iowa in National Universities, among others. In an interview with WBNG 12 News, later shared on Dateline on Sept. 14, BU President Harvey Stenger stated that BU’s new placement is a critical factor in expanding recognition for the University.

“That is pretty incredible because everyone knows who they are, but not many people know who [BU] is,” Stenger said. “This is the way we get our name in front of people.”

In the same Dateline announcement, Student Association (SA) President David Hatami discussed his hope that the ranking will further broaden the University’s reputation and applicant pool within the Northeast and internationally.

According to Hatami, BU’s ability to increase in academic ranking within a year, especially during a global pandemic, is applaudable. He credits the improvement to the University’s faculty and students.

“A jump by almost 10 spots is an incredible achievement — almost a decade’s worth of rank increase in only one year,” Hatami wrote in an email. “Having been a student here at BU for almost four years now, it makes me feel good that the incredible dedication of our faculty, staff and students has not gone unnoticed. I think a large factor at play in our rank increase was the way in which our University was able to handle and adjust to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. I think this notion speaks volumes to the abilities of our campus leaders and the resilience of our student body.”

Ryan Yarosh, senior director of media and public relations at BU, believes the acknowledgment is well deserved and a great introduction to the University for potential applicants.

“We have much to be proud of,” Yarosh wrote in an email. “[BU] has a growing reputation for academics, research and scholarship, and these rankings are proof that our students — whether at the bachelor’s, master’s or [Ph.D.] levels — are taking advantage of so many opportunities. While this recognition serves as a starting point for prospective students and their parents as they begin their college search, it is just one of many factors taken into consideration.”

Hatami hopes the University’s success will only grow in the coming years and finds the rankings’ impact on both undergraduate and graduate students promising.

“I hope the increase in ranking comes to represent a trend for our University, where our brand and prestige continues to increase on a yearly basis — something which will not only help attract more students from around the nation, but aid the employment prospects of graduating students and alumni,” Hatami wrote. “I have no doubt in my mind that BU will continue their dedication to accessible, [high-quality] education and campus life for all of its students. I wouldn’t be shocked to see another jump in ranking sometime soon.”

Kushal Shah, a junior majoring in integrative neuroscience, is proud of the University’s accomplishment.

“[BU] has overcome unprecedented challenges due to [COVID-19] and against all odds provided impeccable services that continue to help students reach their full potential,” Shah said. “After three years of being a student, the campus still inspires me to engage and succeed academically thanks to the students and faculty. I’m glad our success as a campus is being recognized and am sure it will continue.”