Photo Provided Natural Wood, a musical comedy group, consists of members Sam “Moss” Mameli, David “Ash” Torrey and Trevor “The 5th” Larcheveque. The trio will perform at a free show in the Undergrounds Coffee House tonight at 9pm.

Comedic musical trio Natural Wood will be performing at 9 p.m. tonight in the Old University Union Undergrounds.

The group is reminiscent of Demetri Martin, Nick Thune and Bo Burnham in the way they integrate music into their comedy.

The trio consists of Sam “Moss” Mameli, David “Ash” Torrey and Trevor “The 5th” Larcheveque. The independently produced band considers itself comedic folk/rock, or “joke folk.”

Mameli and Torrey co-founded the group in 2009, and the band released its album “Self-Titled” later that year. Its second album, “And Conquer Us With Laughter…,” came out earlier this year.

Than Oo, a graduate assistant for campus activities at Late Nite Binghamton, wrote in an email that Natural Wood performed at Binghamton University last semester for a St. Patrick’s Day show.

“We were expecting it to be a quiet evening, but apparently there was an impressive turnout and we received positive responses from the audience,” Oo said.

Oo believes the show was skillfully performed, making it an obvious choice for a repeat performance.

“It’s easy to stand on stage and tell jokes, but these guys deliver comedy through some very catchy tunes and they do it extremely well,” Oo said. “They’re also just all-around great guys with awesome chemistry. We definitely had to bring them guys back this semester!”

Oo said he picked Natural Wood due to “their unique specialty: original, comedic folk songs.”

“Ash had also included a link to song titled ‘Good Bondage,’” Oo said. “The lyrics ‘When normal sex just isn’t enough/and you happen to like it a little more rough,’ really spoke to me.”

Christopher Ertel, a junior majoring in English, has never heard of Natural Wood, but is considering seeing the show.

“The band seems pretty interesting,” Ertel said. “There isn’t much to do in Binghamton, so I might be checking out this show.”

Beverly Badagliacca, a junior majoring in history, thought the show would appeal to college students.

“While musical comedy usually isn’t my thing, I like that they sing about topics so dear to college students,” Badagliacca said. “I would consider going because it’s free and why not?”

According to Oo, the show will last at least one hour, and free refreshments will be provided.